Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yes we are still here

So I did exactly what I said I wouldn't do, and waited an entire year to update our blog again. Life has been so busy and I will admit it, updating the blog has not been on my priority list but I will try harder this year. The time has just flown by this last year. A quick update and then I will show some fun pictures.
We are stilling living in Reno Nevada and are really enjoying it. Gil decided this last month to switch over to the operation side of Wal-mart. He is still working for Wal-mart but has a different job. This was his first week and he was super busy, but he really likes it. Now he has three days off and I was ready for it. Being a single mom is not a favorite of mine. Besides his job, Gil still stays very busy with his church calling. Chelsey is now a year old if you can believe it. She is walking and jabbering all the time. She definitely tries to keep up with her older siblings. Collin is my little ball of energy and he NEVER stops. He is always busy playing with his cars and "killing monsters." On occasion he does like taking one of the dolls on a stroll in the stroller. (His dad will deny it, if you ask). We are currently potty training him and lets just say there are good days and bad days. Adison is four now and loves her preschool that we do at home. She is always doing "homework" around the house. She is so full of knowledge I just look at her in shock a lot of the time with the things that she says and knows. She loves going on "Adventures." So if you want her to do anything you just call it an Adventure. I am doing well. Trying to keep up with three kids is an "adventure" but I love it. I have been improving on my home making skills. I have started sewing and even canned pears this year. (With the help of a friend) I have definitely improved on my cooking skills and have attempted to be a little more organized. I know, I know, not that exciting but that is the life of a mother, so I thought I better enjoy it!!
We have been extremely blessed this year and are very thankful for our little family!

Here are just a few of the pictures from our last year

Collin and Addy were cleaning up toys and they both ran around the corner and crashed into each other. They hit so hard we could hear a crack. It was really bad. The bump on his head appeared about 30 seconds later. I was freaking out. Luckily Gil was home at the time. it is mostly better now.

Addys Birthday

Fourth of July Carnival and Watching Fireworks
First camping trip of the summer

Addy caught a frog and cried when we had to let it go because she wanted to take her new best friend home with her.

Fun in the sun

Collins Birthday

Gils dad came to visit from Scotland and we had a great time. A few of the things we did: to San Fransisco, Nine Mile, and this podunk zoo next to our house. They have some of the coolest animals but they are just behind these little fences. Scary! (Thats a HUGE lion if you can't tell)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New addition to the family!

She is finally here! Gil and I went into the hospital Monday morning at 5:30 so I could be induced. I was nervous, but not to worried since I had done this 2 other times. I told my husband I just need to get through the epidural and then everything else would be a breeze. Little did I know it was going to be all but a breeze. I was supposed to get my epidural at 8:00 and they had to keep postponing it. I finally got it at 11:30. I was so relieved because I didn’t know if I could deal with the pain anymore. I got the epidural and all it did was numb a little bit of my upper stomach. About 20 minutes after getting my epidural it was time to push so I just had to do it with an epidural that was not working. I can now say I have had a kid all natural, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. BUT it was definitely worth it because we now have a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Chelsey Lynn Mills-Bishop. She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and is 19 ½ inches long. I thought I might get a little red headed girl but instead I was extremely surprised with her dark brown hair. I also was surprised with how much hair she had since both of my other children were practically bald. She has huge dimples on both cheeks. Addy absolutely loves her and would hold her all day if we would let her. She was just a little worried when we brought chelsey home because she said "mom she looks like a boy." We just assured her that her hair would grow and she would look more like a girl. Collin is still trying to get used to the idea. He holds out his hands and says mine. He will then hold her for about 10 seconds before giving her back. Things are going well just trying to get used to 3 kids. Thanks to everyone for all the phone calls and e-mails!

Addys first day of Preschool!

Some ladies in our ward our doing a little preschool for our kids. Today was the first day and Addy was so pumped! Her favorite thing is that she gets to take a backpack. She had to fill the whole thing full of toys and books. Collin was equally excited even though he wasn't going. He thinks backpacks are the neatest things and would wear one around all day if we let him.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are still alive!!

Yes we are still alive!! I kept thinking it hadn't been that long since I updated the blog but yes it has been a year and a half. So here is a quick summary of our insane life since the last post.
Our little boy Collin was born just after the last post in April of 2009. Ever since he was born he has been FULL of energy. We call him our little monkey. Gil received a promotion, so off to Reno, Nevada we went. We were able to buy a beautiful house which we love and feel very grateful for. We found out we were pregnant with our third child about a week before we found out we were moving, so it was quite the emotional time. We are now expecting our second girl which should be here in 3 weeks. (cross our fingers) Addy is now three and is quite the little helper. She is another little mom to Collin. She is so excited to get a new baby sister. She tells everyone she meets that she doesn't need a puppy dog because she is getting a new baby sister. Collin is starting to really talk now. his favorite words are anything to do with food. He eats all day long. We are doing great and love the ward we live in. Gil was called into the bishopric so we are all keeping very busy!!
Here are just a few of the pictures we have taken over the last little while.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Addy and Collin in their outfits from Scotland!!

Collin is really into posing for the camera. This is his pose when I told him to turn around and look at the camera.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Addy is getting big!

Addy is sure growing up. She is a talking maniac. She is not talking in full sentences yet but she can repeat pretty much anything you say. She loves to dance and her new favorite thing is to draw. She will have me draw a dog and then she says nose and draws a nose then she says eyes and draws eyes. She goes through the whole face and attempts to draw them all. I was really impressed!
Addy's grandma Jane sent her a cute outfit that had a purse that held a little dog in it. She has been carrying it around everywhere. She says it needs to go to sleep and tells us to shhh! while she wraps it in one of her blankets and carries it around cuddling it.
She now has a really hard time when dad goes to work because she misses playing with him. She does know what he wears to go bye bye. In the picture above she has picked up one of his ties and put it around her head and then she picked up her shoes and coat and told us bye and started walking out the door.