Saturday, March 14, 2009

Addy is getting big!

Addy is sure growing up. She is a talking maniac. She is not talking in full sentences yet but she can repeat pretty much anything you say. She loves to dance and her new favorite thing is to draw. She will have me draw a dog and then she says nose and draws a nose then she says eyes and draws eyes. She goes through the whole face and attempts to draw them all. I was really impressed!
Addy's grandma Jane sent her a cute outfit that had a purse that held a little dog in it. She has been carrying it around everywhere. She says it needs to go to sleep and tells us to shhh! while she wraps it in one of her blankets and carries it around cuddling it.
She now has a really hard time when dad goes to work because she misses playing with him. She does know what he wears to go bye bye. In the picture above she has picked up one of his ties and put it around her head and then she picked up her shoes and coat and told us bye and started walking out the door.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Our little helper!!

Adison likes to help mom with whatever is going on. This is her helping make brownies and do the laundry. She helps with the laundry by making sure the clothes are all out of the laundry basket. She also was helping grandma get an egg of the back porch that one of the chickens had just laid.

Adison has also taken a great interest in the potty so we decided to try potty training. We didn't realize how much she would like it. She could stay on the potty all day and read books if you let her. She caught on very fast that she gets a piece of candy if he going in her potty. So everytime she is done she jumps up and says "andy, andy"

I guess since she is using the potty now she thinks every other stuffed animal and baby doll needs a diaper. I was cleaning my room and asked her to take her little bear to her room. Instead she sat it down went into her room and got a daiper. Then she went into the kitchen and got a paper towel. She then took them into my room and sat down so she could wipe the bear and put on a diaper. I have a feeling she is going to be a great helper with our new little boy when he comes.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Well hello everyone. We have had so many people wanting to see our blog that we decided we should probably create one. So here it goes.

Life is great but busy. Gil is working lots and finishing a few classes online. I am teaching preschool two days a week and being a mom the rest of the time. I am getting big and impatient. I am ready for this little boy to come. I think Addy will be very excited for the new addition to the family. She already has a little baby of her own and makes me help feed her and change her diaper.

Addy is keeping us very busy!! She just has so much personality. She is in her storytelling stage right now. You don't really know what she is saying but you can get a pretty good idea. She thinks she is a big girl and wants to help with everything (including changing her own diaper!) She also loves books right now, so we read the same books at least 20 times a day. Her favorite book is Go Dog Go. Grandma of course got it for her because Addy can't get enough of Grandmas dog Winston.