Saturday, March 14, 2009

Addy is getting big!

Addy is sure growing up. She is a talking maniac. She is not talking in full sentences yet but she can repeat pretty much anything you say. She loves to dance and her new favorite thing is to draw. She will have me draw a dog and then she says nose and draws a nose then she says eyes and draws eyes. She goes through the whole face and attempts to draw them all. I was really impressed!
Addy's grandma Jane sent her a cute outfit that had a purse that held a little dog in it. She has been carrying it around everywhere. She says it needs to go to sleep and tells us to shhh! while she wraps it in one of her blankets and carries it around cuddling it.
She now has a really hard time when dad goes to work because she misses playing with him. She does know what he wears to go bye bye. In the picture above she has picked up one of his ties and put it around her head and then she picked up her shoes and coat and told us bye and started walking out the door.