Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We are still alive!!

Yes we are still alive!! I kept thinking it hadn't been that long since I updated the blog but yes it has been a year and a half. So here is a quick summary of our insane life since the last post.
Our little boy Collin was born just after the last post in April of 2009. Ever since he was born he has been FULL of energy. We call him our little monkey. Gil received a promotion, so off to Reno, Nevada we went. We were able to buy a beautiful house which we love and feel very grateful for. We found out we were pregnant with our third child about a week before we found out we were moving, so it was quite the emotional time. We are now expecting our second girl which should be here in 3 weeks. (cross our fingers) Addy is now three and is quite the little helper. She is another little mom to Collin. She is so excited to get a new baby sister. She tells everyone she meets that she doesn't need a puppy dog because she is getting a new baby sister. Collin is starting to really talk now. his favorite words are anything to do with food. He eats all day long. We are doing great and love the ward we live in. Gil was called into the bishopric so we are all keeping very busy!!
Here are just a few of the pictures we have taken over the last little while.